Access to the campsite (arrival and departure)

The campsite opens on Wednesday August 9th, 2023 at 8am and closes its doors on Sunday August 13th, 2023 at noon.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you need to arrive before midnight, on Friday afternoon before 6 pm.

The driveway for vehicles will be closed every night between midnight and 8 am. This guarantees the campers sufficient sleep. The pedestrian gate remains open 24/24.

During the Dodentocht the entry and exit for vehicles is limited :

  • Campers arriving on Friday will not be able to use the gps-route because all access roads to Bornem will be closed. You will need to follow the signboards ‘Camping DOTO’ , we recommend you to download this map.
  • On Friday access will not be possible between 9 pm and 11 pm. The start of the Dodentocht is in the park close to the campsite, Breeven.
  • On Saturday, it is only possible to leave the campsite with your vehicle at specific times. The gate will open at 10 am , 12 pm , 2 pm , 4 pm , 6 pm and 8 pm. This is to ensure the safety of the hikers. From 10 pm onwards our gates will be open again and you will be able to leave the campsite whenever you wish.

Sunday morning, there is an opportunity to use a shuttle service from the camp site to the train station in Bornem.

Hikers – start grid Dodentocht

Although the campsite is close to the start, hikers need to know that there is a short walk to the Dodentocht start grid. De Dodentocht starts PUNCTUAL at 9 pm. Download this map to find out how to get to the start grid from the campsite.


On Thursday at 7:30 pm an Ecumenical Service is held at the St. Bernard’s Abbey.

On Thursday evening, you will meet the locals during a party called ‘ Feest op de Camping ‘. Around fire pits you can enjoy live music. In the bar, we serve different Belgian beers, cocktails and other drinks. As late night snacks, we offer you real Belgian fries and frying snacks.

The Dodentocht starts Friday at 9 pm. Hikers need to know that it is a short walk to the start grid.

  • There is Wi-Fi available inside and around the building.
  • There is a free charging spot for smartphones at the bar.
  • In Belgium, we use a type E socket and plug (1). This type has a central grounding pin. Also an Europlug can be used (2). These types are also required for caravans/mobilhomes.

(1) (2)