The campsite opens on Wednesday morning August 10th , 2022 and closes its doors on Sunday August 14th , 2022 at noon.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you need to arrive before midnight, on Friday afternoon before 6 pm.

To facilitate the necessary paperwork upon arrival, we suggest you to make an early reservation.

Tariffs applicable for arrival on

  • Wednesday                         € 25 per person
  • Thursday                              € 20 per person
  • Friday                                     € 18 per person

Surcharge for mobilehome, caravan and folding campers: €15

Camping DoTo is free for children under the age of 12.

We do not assign fixed locations nor do we keep locations available for tents or campers that would arrive later. Electricity cannot be booked in advance. However, when you arrive our staff will do their utmost best to satisfy special requirements you may have.