These rules have been set up to make your stay on the campsite as pleasant as possible; we expect everybody to respect them.


Everyone who does not live by these rules can immediately be forced to leave the campsite without any right to receive compensation or refund.

Scouting Bornem and the Camping Dodentocht organization are not responsible for any smallest, small or serious mistakes, nor for those of their subcontractors or independent volunteers.

All violations of the law governing the provision of accommodation are punishable. In case of damage to any of the equipment or in case of emergency, the organization must be notified as soon as possible.

Scouting Bornem nor Camping Dodentocht organization can be held responsible for any accidents.

The organization can always take appropriate action to supplement this set of rules.


The campsite opens on Wednesday August 9th, 2023 and closes its doors on Sunday August 13th, 2023. At night and during pre-announced time slots the access to the campsite will be closed to safeguard the security of campers and hikers.

The camping bracelets are proof of payment and allow access to the campsite. Therefore, wearing them is compulsory. The camping bracelets can always be checked by the organization. Without the camping bracelet, you are not allowed to enter the campsite.

People who do not wear their bracelet may be forced to pay again the cost of accommodation.


We do not assign fixed locations nor do we keep locations available for tents or campers that would arrive later. Electricity cannot be booked in advance.

Tents and mobile-home vehicles stand apart in designated areas. Please do not take up more space than you need! Always put up your tent or park your mobile-home vehicle or car as indicated by the organization.

Always drive in the direction of the arrows. (see map and road signs). For the safety of the campers and especially for the children’s sake, speed is limited to 5km/hour for all vehicles.

Do not put up your tent nor park your car on the road (accessibility in case of emergency).

Order and cleanliness

The campsite, the surroundings and the sanitary installations must be kept clean. Please dispose the waste only at the designated points.

Please respect the environment : paper and cardboard, glass, waste from vegetables and fruit and other refuse belong in their respective waste bins. Chemical toilets should be emptied at the foreseen spots (please ask the organization in case of doubt).

The lawn and other plants should be respected.

Silence and respect

On the campsite nobody is to disturb the peace between 10 pm and 7 am.


Open fires are strictly forbidden!

Barbecuing in the camping zone between the tents is prohibited. This is only allowed in designated areas (see map). Use other sources of fire (only gas) at a safe distance from other tents.

Fire extinguishers can be found at the waste disposal points.